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September 12, 2009 National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day
Sinjin is doing well, back in school. He still must be very careful as he tires easy and it will take several years to gain back all he has lost. He has suffered a hearing loss from all the treatment and with each appointment I hold my breath waiting to see what other long term effects cancer and treatment have done to his body. I feel so blessed that Sinjin is still here on this earth with me. So many of our friends have lost their battle with cancer and it is heartbreaking. Just looking at Sinjin brings a smile to my face....he is a walking miracle and we pray he stays cancer free. You can visit us also at
We are moving forward with positive thoughts and actions.
We continue to have unstoppable hope.
Much love to you all Sinjin's mama 
August 18, 2008
Our Braveheart Sinjin's test results of his P E T scan came back showing NO cancer. We are filled with pure joy and thank our almighty God for this blessing. Sinjin's request tonight was to watch the movie The Bucket List...we did. We laughed together and we cried together. Sinjin you are my world and my heart is so filled with love for the best son any mama could ask for. You are so very brave our Braveheart and you have more courage than anyone I have ever known. As we continue on this Journey I know you will someday soon beat this monster called cancer.
with unstoppable hope and love your Mama

Sinjin came into this world on March 20th 1994. When I first looked into his eyes i knew there was something  very special about him and since the day of his birth I have always been almost over protective of him. The day after he was born we were leaving the hospital and approx 200 feet from the hospital a drunk driver hit us and we were all back in the hospital in just  a matter of minutes I was never so afraid in my life. Until now. Cancer? No not cancer! Not my child!!! We will fight this we beat this he will live. .. he has to live...Since May cancer has been the drunk driver in our lives, reckless. We will continue to live strong and battle this monster. 

November 17th 2007
Today we went to the Lampasas Middle School 5k run. It was a Great Day!!!! Thank you to all the runners you are a wonderful group of people.
                           Livingstrong  with courage Sinjin
November 22,2007 Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day was fun for Sinjin he played his wii game with his cousin, John,  Uncle Jodi and I. We had a good time. John made turkey and ham and Grandma Jo Ann, Jodi and I made side dishes. Sinjin talked on the phone to his Sissy  and the girls in California and at this moment he is on the phone with the girls playing a game on his nintendo DS with them. They are having a blast. John is relaxing right now watching the history chanel on TV and I sit here sharing our day with all of you. It was a very good day for us all and Sinjin laughed and laughed...
                                     Livingstrong with courage
                                                                        Sinjins mom
Dec 25th 2007
Woke up on this Christmas day to Sinjin just standing over me looking at me it was 5 AM. He was ready to open his gifts. I talked him into waitiing till at least 6 AM and he did. At 6 on the button he was waking John and I up he was ready to open gifts.
He was so excited !!!!!! He received some wonderful gifts but the Huge hit of the day was his VCR/DVD player and his 37" flat screen TV Sinjin was loosing his mind he kept saying I must be dreaming someone pinch me and then he pinched himself lol. Thanks to my co worker Greg for the vcr/dvd and to Santa and ALL Santa's helper's for the huge TV!!! So many this year made his Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day so very special.
Thank you to everyone
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