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Special Memories
Christmas 2007  
Sinjin you had a wonderful christmas this year and goodness knows you made out like a lil fat rat. Big 37" flat screen TV from Santa and his Helpers from somwhere in Lampasas Texas. You were so funny you kept pinching yourself and saying I must be dreaming!!! The Andrukate's Family the whole lot of them got you many wii games and a gift card for game crazy. Me and Dad John picked up the very few that were left on your list and it was a long list so that tells you that The Andrukates clan hooked you up real well this christmas. We were able to get get you Guitar Hero only because it was not on the list you sent to them lol. My co-worker's all pitched in a got you a gift card fom game crazy which you loved. My co worker Greg went out and bought you a VCR/DVD player which you were thrilled with. Your Mi Mi got you the game scene it the 2nd addition Disney and tonight you are insisting we all play I am willing but John is putting up a fight. lol lol   Sissy sent you an entire season of Full House which you were excited about...your such a silly goose that you love all the old shows including the Cosby show. The list goes on Aunt Kay Kays Sorority Beta Sigma Phi of Copperas Cove Tx gifted you with a 100.00 Walmart gift card and many gift card fom Mc Donald's, Subway, Burger King, Jack N The Box, Dairy Oueen the list goes on. You said They are pure GENUIS. Sinjin wants me to Thank all who made this such a wonderful Christmas for him so
Thank you ALL. He also said to thank the Outlaws for coming to our home  a few days before Christmas. Them being here was so Special for him and he was so happy.

Fire Alarm  
When you were  around six years old in grade school at Cove Christian School I will never forget the day I received a call from your school that they needed to talk to me because that day you had done something thay could not believe you would ever do.  As all the children were lined up in the hall  waiting to go back to class the fire alarm went off. Everyone was rushed outside in the pouring down rain the adults running around trying to find what was on fire. You marched up to the front of the line and told the teacher " I have always wanted to know what it would sound like when the fire alarm sounds" The teacher looked at you and said Sinjin did you pull the fire alarm. You looked at her and smiled at and said oh yes it was me  and now we all know what it sounds like and it was a good practice for all of us. Sinjin you silly goose you were in big trouble and did not even know what a mess you caused. I had to sit down with them and you sitting there not a care in the world telling me mama it was real loud and we all rushed outside. I said Sinjin why would you do such a thing you just smiled your sweet smile and said "mama I just wanted to know what it sounded like so if we had a real fire I would know. None of the kids had ever heard it before and so when we had to wait in line so long I looked up and there it was so I pulled it. I did not know what to say you had never been in trouble before and thought you were doing a good thing... We had to explain to you that you should never ever touch the fire alarm and you looked at us all and said but what if there is a fire we all had to smile at that remark and told you then and only then were you allowed to pull the alarm. As we were leaving school that day you said "mama did you ever hear a fire alarm and I told  you yes that when I was young we used to practice at school every so often so we kids would know what to do, Sinjin smiled at me and said well mama that was our very first practice. I love you son and you did not pull that alarm to be mean you pulled it so you could practice. When your Uncle Dennis found out what you had done he gave you a high five and said to you Sinjin Uncle Dennis is proud of you you!!! Tooo funny and just like your Uncle to say that to you.
Memories of a Christmas  
I remember back when Sinjin was just  wee little and he had spent Christmas with his father. It was hard for me to let him go because I did not like being away from him. I would drive Sinjin to Waco Texas and meet his father who would meet us there and then Sinjin would go with him to Dallas. That Christmas I had Sinjin's gifts waiting for him when he got home that night. John and I had bought him a bike and I had his stocking stuffed and in the stocking there I placed a kite. I have it on video Sinjin walking through the door and looking over and getting very excited and  running  straight past the new bike saying" I got a kite...Mama!!! Please mama I fly kite yes I fly kite mama okay mama okay okay" It brought tears to my eyes that he was more excited over a three dollar kite rather than the expensive bike sitting there, he was always so easy to please. I said Bud see the bike he said "oh yes mama pretty bike.. but I fly kite pleasse mama. The next day Sinjin did fly his kite, his bright smiling face looking up to the sky  as he watched his kite floating on the breeze. We captured that day on video and each time I watch it it takes me back to that special time.
 Mama loves you Sinjin and over the years time and time again you have moved me to tears just being who you are, a sweet loving child that God gave me as a gift. You and Sissy are my greatest gifts in life and you both fill my heart with such joy.
                                           Love you so very much
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