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Cindy Posted a greeting on 06/18/2008: "Sending many hugs and praying for much strength and continued courage for all of you."
Chris H. Posted a greeting on 06/17/2008: "Sinjin, You and your family are inspiritional and amazing. We are praying for you!."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 06/16/2008: "You're always in my heart and on my mind. Praying for that miracle! {{{Hugs}}}."
Elyse Hejny Posted a greeting on 06/10/2008: "Sinjin...I visit your page everyday and will continue to pray for you. Elyse, John, Mike and Kate."
Vince Heuerman Posted a greeting on 06/09/2008: "Good evening braveheart Sinjin! Love and hugs and prayers to you and your precious mom!."
Marguerite Ward Mom To Angel Brandi Posted a greeting on 06/07/2008: "Good morning sweetheart. Just wanted you to know I am sending lots of prayers and love your way. Stay strong!."
Laurie W. Posted a greeting on 06/02/2008: "Praying for you love Laurie xoxo."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 05/28/2008: "Hugs hugs and more hugs. Just thought you could use one! :) Love ya!."
Haley Wheelerh Posted a greeting on 05/27/2008: "Keeping you in my prayers--because prayers change things!."
Ellen Mumof Adam Gilmour Posted a greeting on 05/27/2008: "Sinjin keeping prayers for you and strength always.. You are a very special lad.. xxx."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 05/25/2008: "Just stoping in with hugs for all of you. Keeping you lifted in my prayers always."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 05/24/2008: "The Lord is faithful and can always be trusted. I'm rejoicing over your good news today! :)."
Hali Gagne Posted a greeting on 05/24/2008: "Hello! I am a good freind of Penny Langlois, I just wanted to said my prayers and thoughts. Keep fighting, God Bless."
SBC Posted a greeting on 05/22/2008: "never give up.everyday is gift given.keep your faith.stay come a lone way.praying for you."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 05/21/2008: "Sending you all big hugs and asking Jesus to comfort your broken hearts over the loss of your Grampy."
Cindy Posted a greeting on 05/20/2008: "Hugs and prayers is what I bring. You know or at least I hope you do...that I love you all lots."
Nancy Greer Posted a greeting on 05/19/2008: "I just know that you can kick the can out of cancer. Love you bunches."
Kathie Andrews Posted a greeting on 05/16/2008: "Sinjin keep fighting the good fight against cancer and WIN! See you at LHS next year! Mrs. Andrews, LHS Biology."
MARTHA MARTIN Posted a greeting on 05/14/2008: "Sinjin You are a strong guy.... Keep the smile I know it is hard at time.... But I am praying for you...."
Brother In Christ! Posted a greeting on 05/13/2008: "Sinjin, ur one of god's angels who are surrounded by people who love u. U say "Jesus" I surrender Amen!."
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